The European Parliament to Vote on the Covid Passport on April 28


The European Parliament is due to vote on the Vaccination Passport on 28 April.

Vaccination passports will be issued by each Member State, including Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, by mid-June.

The purpose of these passports is officially to facilitate travel between European countries integrated in the program, respectively, for vaccinated people, who had a negative result to the PCR test, informs Loyalty Lobby.

Mainly, the countries of the south of the European Union, such as Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, consider them necessary to save their tourism, the quoted site claims.

While the bloc introduces the Vaccination Passport, dubbed the “digital green certificate” for mitigating the impact on European society, it also states that it should not be required for travel in the Schengen area. However, most EU citizens will not be fully vaccinated until this summer.

The European Council claims that it will not discriminate against this Vaccination Passport, but in reality it will not be possible to travel without it. Many European civil society organizations oppose this act. Here you can find the European Council proposal – Download (PDF, 617KB)

After leaving the EU, the UK is also planning to launch vaccine passports next month. Apparently the UK government says they won’t be mandatory but that businesses may require them in order for you to gain entry, effectively mandating them via the backdoor.

I don’t understand any of his.

If you are afraid of covid, get the vaccine. What difference does it make if other people have the vaccine yes or no, you are protected if it works, no? What’s the problem?

And if some country wants to know your status, why don’t they test your blood for antibodies? Those tests include everybody who is immune (natural or vaccinated) and are cheaper, faster, and more definitive.

“We need vaccine passports to save the tourism industry.” So vaccines work, but you still have to social distance and mask up, which would imply that they don’t work. Which is it?

It’s not a vaccine passport but a compliance passport.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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