6 ways to Enhance Client Experience in Healthcare


Client experience is a number one priority when providing healthcare at your practice. With countless technological options available to assist, it’s simple to make small enhancements that can make a big difference to your patients. Here are 6 ways that you can introduce to ensure your clients have a seamless healthcare experience. 

Manage Prescriptions Digitally

A common pain-point for the patient experience is difficulty around managing and acquiring prescriptions. Through the use of a Pharmaceutical App, you can relieve this common issue. Patients can digitally access their prescriptions via an app to receive reminders on taking medication, as well as when to refill. They can also get advice on how to manage common side-effects, which will improve satisfaction with their medication. 

Introduce Remote Patient Monitoring

For patients with long-term conditions such as diabetes, using remote patient monitoring can vastly help with client experience. Using remote monitoring devices, patients can give constant data on their health condition without having to make constant clinic visits, as well as give round-the-clock advice on how to manage it. This allows clients to focus their in-person appointments on their most pressing concerns, with their day-to-day condition management being handled digitally.

Explore Automated Billing Options

Another common stress for clients is having to co-ordinate insurance and billing. This can be eased again through automated means. Using a digital billing system you can use an automated system to check the patients insurance coverage, as well as make provider recommendations if their condition is not covered. Patients can also set up automatic billing, reducing the hassle and stress of managing finances following an appointment. 

Implement Scheduling Systems

Creating an scheduling system can do wonders in improving the healthcare experience for your clients. Automatic scheduling systems can utilise artificial intelligence to take a patients request and search for the best clinician to see, and provide an appointment that fits the patient’s schedule. These systems can also provide appointment reminders, as well as help schedule any follow-up appointments. Automating these systems gives patients timely responses, reducing any uncertainty around waiting for the next available appointment.

Create Patient Support Chatbots

It is very likely that your clients will have frequent questions and concerns regarding their health, from new and existing conditions to medication. It is not always possible for a clinician to answer these concerns, which can lead to frustrations. With an automated support chatbot, clients have a 24/7 source of information. These are able to answer simple patient queries, as well as forward anything more complex towards the appropriate clinician. 

Digitise Patient Records 

Making patient records easier to update and access can prevent many future headaches for your clients. A quick and easy way to do this is to start an Electronic Health Record, or EHR. Through an EHR, patients can keep track of their medical history, stay up to date with health results, and quickly transfer their information to pharmacies. This reduces the amount of paperwork and information a client has to organise themselves, and gives them the security of having all their important medical details in one easy to access location.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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