After taking oath as the 46th U.S. President, Joe Biden takes his first military action, airstrike. The US has carried out a strong air strike against the Iranian Militias residing in Syria.

The militias attempted to attack the US as well as Irani personnel. In response to these attacks, the Pentagon has ordered the airstrike and have destroyed multiple militia’s facilities.

The militias representative claimed that only one person had been killed in the strike but the war monitor said that approximately 22 fatalities occurred.

The airstrike by the US occurred near eastern Syria. The Pentagon said that the decision of airstrike was fair. The Pentagon also claimed that it was a proportionate military response and had been taken with coordination and consultation with the coalition partners.

The airstrike by the US was made after one of the nonmilitary contractors was killed during an attack on US targets. Along with five contractors, one US service personnel was also injured during the attack in Irbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. 

Iran-backed Militias have also attacked other US bases in Baghdad including the green zone. The green zone is an area where the US embassy is located along with many other diplomatic missions.

Joe Biden ordered the airstrike on Friday. The airstrike by the US targetted a border control point where many militia groups such as Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada and Kataib Hezbollah were residing. These two militia groups have made an alliance with the Damascus government.

These Iran-backed militia groups have previously targetted the Us in the country. The US has just undertaken and retaliatory airstrike in response to the threat they had been trying to induce in the country. However, the Kataib Hezbollah has declined the statement and denied any involvement in the recent attacks on the US.

The Pentagon stated that Biden had to take any action that would protect America and Coalition personnel.

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