Apple revealed the latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models with 5G networks in a big iPhone event Tuesday.

With a broader range of 5G phones, the prices are not affordable to the average global consumers. According to the company, the new Pro phones mostly matter to serious photographers.

An analyst from Deutsche Bank said, “In past phone cycles, we have felt that AAPL makes a strong case why tech-savvy consumers should gravitate towards the highest end solution. But we do not believe such a case was made as strongly in 2020.”

The event on Tuesday, on the other hand, unveiled the prices of the new iPhone models

  • iPhone 12- $799
  • iPhone 12 Pro- $999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max- $1,099

The recent analysis of the price ranges shows that the only key difference is the camera quality and storage. Other key factors like battery life, screen tech, and processors were similar between the models.

The telephoto lens bigger and camera sensors are the only distinguishable features between the regular and Pro models. It might enhance the capability of the user to take better low-light portraits by a professional photographer.

iPhone 12 Pro Models Might Lose Sales Traction

After the launch of the new iPhone devices, researchers are predicting that only 25% of sales will be generated by the Pro models.

The $999 price tag is the main reason for this, said UBS.

Another analyst Raymond James said Wednesday, ‘Given all the features offered, the value proposition for Pro essentially comes down to the quality of the camera.’

We worry that the event did not make a strong enough case that the average consumer should tilt their purchasing towards an iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max vs. a 12/12 mini.

– Deutsche Bank analyst

“And the camera indeed appears stunning — but the camera is the only differentiator between iPhone 12 and Pro.”- Raymond added.

This is not at all good news for an average customer.

However, after the previous launch, iPhone 11 was the bestselling phone in the first quarter for which Apple CEO Tim Cook said,  “the company hit the right price.”

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