On Tuesday night two Australian reporters have evacuated from China after they were forced into questioning by police for no apparent reason.

The diplomatic standoff begins when two men Bill Bartle, known for Beijing correspondent to Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and Mike Smith, Shangri correspondent for Australian financial review were advised to leave the country and a flight was booked for last Thursday night in this regard. But the situation took a 360 turn when seven Chinese officers paid a visit to Bills apartment where he was holding farewell drinks for his friends. Bill was told that he is not permitted to leave the country and would be facing an interrogatory session the following day over a ‘national security case.

Both Australian reporters, Bill, and Smith faced a similar situation during their stay in China. These events provoked them to rush to their nearest Australian embassy to make necessary arrangements for their safe return.

Both the journalists are glad over their safe arrival back to home Reporters stated ‘feels great to be back in a country that holds genuine laws. It was great dismay to face circumstances like we faced before’.

ABC reported that there no more journalists employed by Australian media in any of the places in China.

China and Australia share a distinct relationship in terms of trading but over the past few years, their relationship is only heading towards the deteriorating side as Beijing imposed trade restrictions on Australian exports. Whereas on the other side Australia believes in arbitrary detention by China. Canberra is highly concerned about neglecting human rights in Xinjiang and demands the immediate release of them.

Consequently, because of such strenuous conditions, it’s hard to predict whether journalism or everything else will resume back towards normal.

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