Denmark First EU Country to Impose Vaccination Passport


Denmark today began using the Covid “passport” as part of a plan to gradually reopen the country.

After entering a recently reopened barber shop, Rune Højsgaard shows the “Coronapass” on the phone; among the first in Europe to apply the measure, Denmark has started using the Covid “passport”, available through a secure application, as well as “ on paper “.

For now, it allows entry into certain small businesses – barbershops, beauty salons or driving schools – proving that the owner is either completely vaccinated, has already been cured of Covid-19 for two to twelve weeks, or has a negative Covid test in the last 72 hours.

“I waited three months to get a haircut,” says Rune Højsgaard, a 42-year-old computer scientist. “I did a test on Saturday, it is valid until this afternoon. I’m usually tested once or several times a week, so it’s not a problem for me, “he explains.

After almost four months of closure, the owner of the salon, Pernille Nielsen, is “delighted” to meet her customers again. “I have been waiting so long for this reopening! Now we do everything we can to be able to reopen and if necessary (Coronapass), then we use it “, sums up the manager.

European authorities will present the draft digital green certificate on Wednesday, which aims to facilitate mobility on the continent. You must meet at least one of the three criteria selected to benefit from this document.

Denmark is one of the first countries in Europe to put the system into operation, while the European Commission is still working on launching a digital “green certificate” to move freely (oh the irony) back into the EU.

It is a temporary measure, but is expected to remain in force until the entire Danish population has access to the vaccine. It will not be used for travel at this time, although the government intends to do so in the end.

On the other hand, it will be mandatory for access to terraces, which are scheduled to reopen on April 21, then in restaurants, museums, theaters and cinemas, starting May 6.

Middle school and high school students, who are partially returning to their schools on Tuesday, do not need a Covid passport, but it is recommended that all students over the age of 12 and teachers be tested.

Currently, over 300,000 tests can be performed daily. Entrepreneurs who do not require the presentation of the “Coronapass” are liable to fines of at least 400 euros – up to 6,000 euros in case of a repeated crime, said the Ministry of Justice.

For customers, the fine will be around 330 euros. The almost total opening is scheduled for May 21, the date chosen because it must correspond to the vaccination of all over 50 years. About 7% of the 5.8 million inhabitants of the Scandinavian country have been completely vaccinated. 13.3% received a first dose.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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