Germany 2021: You Don’t Obey Quarantine, You’re Locked Up in a Refugee Camp


Germans who refuse to stay in quarantine after being exposed to Covid will be placed in detention centers, according to new rules prepared by regional authorities.

Saxony has confirmed plans to detain people quarantined in a closed section of a refugee camp, which is set to be built next week.

Saxony officials claim that the facility will be used only for persons who have repeatedly violated the rules of isolation.

Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany, will use hospital rooms to lock up “Covid offenders” under police supervision.

In Brandenburg, the authorities will use a refugee center, while Schleswig-Holstein will use an area within a juvenile detention center, writes The Daily Mail.

Legal experts told Die Welt that regional governments have the power to detain people for violating quarantine rules, according to the law on fighting diseases, adopted by the German Bundestag in March 2020 and renewed in November.

The plan was widely criticized, and AfD MP Joana Cotar accused the Saxony government of “reading Orwell too much”.

German authorities have come under criticism over their handling of the pandemic, over proposals to impose national vaccination mandates in a bid to control the virus – dubbed “social dynamite” by the opposition.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering the possibility of imposing a “mega-isolation”, including the suspension of public transport.

Now, let’s take a dose of normality: it is the middle of winter. People get sick. It seems that no more people are getting sick than any other winter in history. Amazingly the flu and pneumonia have been vanquished.

None of that matters to the Cult of Covidian. They are as far gone as the cool aid drinkers, Manson followers, and the Rajneeshpuram.

The Covidians believe that their talisman will protect them from all harm. Anyone who isn’t wearing the mark of the Covidian is a murderer who must be silenced. Thy mask is normal, thy mask is God.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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