Vaccination Passport Enters Testing Phase


Air New Zealand , the national airline in New Zealand, announced on Monday that it will test a type of digital health passport from April, which also includes vaccination against COVID-19 for the safe resumption of international flights, reports EFE.

With this digital certificate, which is based on the application developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the company wants to quickly resume flights after the reopening of borders and allow passengers to keep their personal health data securely and privately, or so they claim. 

“It’s simply a digital health certificate to share data more easily and securely with airlines,” said Jennifer Sepull, director of  Air New Zealand’s Digital Office, who emphasized that “the way to travel will be clearly different, once the borders were reopened after the pandemic”.

Jennifer Sepull said in a statement issued by the company that this application will generate “trust” among passengers, airlines and governments when flights are resumed.

For his part, AITA Vice President for Passenger and Cargo Safety Nick Careen said that testing this digital health certificate will be a necessary condition for resuming international flights.

“Governments can be sure that passengers meet all the requirements (to avoid spreading) COVID-19” through this application, said Nick Careen. The first route to test this digital health passport will be between the New Zealand town of Auckland and the Australian city of Sydney in April at an unspecified date.
Chris Black
Chris Black
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