Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty on All Charges, Multiple Protests Planned Across US Following Acquittal


Kyle won, as the jury found him innocent on all charges.

The judge told the jurors he will keep them from getting killed.

Antifa is now threatening to  burn down the city in revenge.


The sad state of the Republican party in one tweet:

The best part about the Rittenhouse verdict will be when all the white antifa and anti racists realize their black allies aren’t willing to stay out in the cold or get arrested tonight just because 3 white boys got shot

Last year, Law enforcement organizations of every stripe, from coast to coast, decided to take a knee in the face of the criminal tide. All it took was one kid with a gun to remind us what courage looks like.

Now that we have a taste for it, it’s not going away again.

Seriously though, Rittenhouse is one of the most clear cut cases of self defense ever. In both shootings, he was running from rioters who were trying to attack him from behind.

He only shot Rosenbaum when he was a few inches away from grabbing his gun, and he shot Huber when he was literally ripping the gun out of his hands.

It’s not even a contest about whether he was innocent or not.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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