The Hurricane Sally storm has caused a power outage to more than half a million Americans as the violent rains and storms gushed and have struck the US gulf coast as well.

A category 2 hurricane caused massive destruction on Wednesday, but the storm has slowly progressed towards Florida and Alabama. One person was killed while many were rescued.

As per reports Fatal flooding is likely to cover more regions of the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama. It is estimated that a total of four-month rainfall has taken place in four hours.

The Mayor of Alabama has claimed that one person has been killed by brutal storms and another one is reported missing. Governor has urged people to take all safety precautions in these historic floodings.

It all started when Sally made landfall on the gulf shores of Alabama on Wednesday at a wind speed of 105 mph. Later this storm developed into a tropical depression. Although the speed of the wind was reduced to 35mph, heavy rainfall is responsible for causing the annihilation. This storm progressed towards north from the coast.

A 5ft flooding has taken place so far in central Pensacola and has been the third-worst flooding to take place ever. Police have requested the locals not to leave their homes.

Although winds of hurricane Laura which took place earlier this month were not vicious. But still, it caused massive destruction to boats, rafts, and even collapsed nearby vehicles.

According to the latest reports issued by 290,000 locals in Alabama whereas 253,000 in Florida are living without electricity.

Coast’s beaches, highland areas of Mississippi, and low lying regions of Louisiana are most affected by the storms.

Experts and the National weather service believe that Hurricane Sally movement might be linked to climate change. Studies from 2018 nature magazines highlighted that from 1949 onwards speed of storms has reduced by 10%  and in return, this has led to an increase in rainfall.

Apart from Sally four major cyclones are surging in the Atlantic Ocean basin known as Paulette, Rene, eddy, and Vicky.

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