Today Space travel is the most exciting reality for human civilization. SpaceX already announced plans to create an environment for space tourism.

But more excitingly Japan is working on a four-story Spaceport city for travelers. The glass towered spaceports are something we could see in sci-fi movies.

The ports will be a hub for the tourists who want to have a quick trip to space. This is not a dream but a reality for space travel according to Noiz Architects, a group behind the futuristic spaceport cities in Japan.

Collaboration with Dentsu, a communication firm, the non-profit Spaceport Japan claimed that the new spaceports will become a part of the Japanese landscape in the future.

But the question is how the spaceports will be used for space traveling?

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Japan’s Futuristic Spaceport City Might Attract Space Travel in the Future
This spaceport will rise from an island in Japan; File Photo

First of all, the ports will be a destination for lifestyle travelers. Urszula Kuczma, a project manager at Noiz Architects thinks, “It’s a day trip destination in itself, with lifestyle and education facilities designed to help earthbound visitors become more familiar with space.”

On top of it, tourists can go for a trip in the space using the ports platform. Finally, a research and business facility, 4D movie theaters, and an astronaut-food restaurant are the exciting new additions to the spaceports.

A bridge will connect the ports with the main city where electric cars and autonomous trains can easily transport space travelers. The most interesting aspect of the city will be spaceships carrying the tourists.

The conventional rocket launchers will be replaced by planes like suborbital spaceships. Some companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are already working on suborbital spaceship development.

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Japan’s Futuristic Spaceport City Might Attract Space Travel in the Future
Entrepreneurs are spending Billions to make Space tourism a reality

In July, Virgin Galactic appointed an ex-Disney executive to lead the company for future space travel. 90-minute test flights will be offered to 600 passengers with around a $250,000-per-seat price.

The test flights will start by the next year creating a new milestone in the space race.

In the bottom line, spaceflights are now not a dream for many of the designers working for the first spaceports in Japan. It is becoming a reality very soon thanks to the designers of the spaceport cities in Japan.

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