US citizens have to face a sharp decline in the year 2020. The life expectancy of the people living in various region of the US has been decreased by 12 months, a full year. The report submitted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that COVID-19 has a huge impact on the decrease in life expectancy.

The most amazing fun fact about this report is that the results are similar to 2006. This means that the life expectancy decreased to 77.8 years which is similar to the CDC data of 2006.

The data has widened the racial, cultural, and ethnic imbalance as well. For example, the life expectancy of black non-Hispanic people fell by three times as compared to white people. Similarly, it decreased by around 2 years for Hispanic people.

The data of the last 40 years shows that life expectancy has never decreased this much. Rather, it has increased with technological advancement in the healthcare industries. For example, in the year from 2014 to 2017, life expectancy was decreased by 4 months which was being considered significant at that time.

Similarly, a sudden drop of 1 to 3 years has been observed after World War ll. But this report by CDC on life expectance has revealed some shocking and unpredictable results.

A professor from the University of Southern California, Eileen Crimmins told the news that a one year decrease in life expectancy may not seem huge. But if we look at the broader picture, millions of lives have been lost by this decrease.

COVID-19 caused deaths of elderly people which has little or no effect on the mortality rate and life expectancy. But Theresa Andrasfay, a researcher who has published her research work on the correlation of COVID-19 and life expectance, told that although the deaths in the young ones were uncommon yet the results were significant.

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