Merkel Confirms the Globalist Agenda: The Pandemic Will Not End Until Everyone is Vaccinated. VIDEO


Nearly a year after the globalists reshaped the life of a planet due to the pandemic, despite declining infections and vaccination campaigns announced as a panacea, Western leaders are showing no signs of weakening the leash.

The most recent message in this regard came from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On Friday, after a meeting with G7 leaders, Merkel said, quoted by Reuters: “In my speech I stressed that the pandemic will not end until all people in the world are vaccinated.”

Merkel said new US President Joe Biden had already backed international co-operation: “Change of government in the United States has strengthened Merkel’s multilateralism.”

Such bau-bau messages come not only from Western leaders, but also from vaccine boss Bill Gates, who advocates for blockages, masks and social distancing by 2022. And for a “complete change in every aspect of economy ”.

Based on the supposed rate of infection, after 365 days, there would have been over 100 billion Covid-19 infections.

Obviously the experts were wrong about everything.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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