List of Ukraine Biolabs Documents Removed by US Embassy


The media told you this was a conspiracy theory just a few days ago.

See the tweet for more details please.


This is Victoria Nuland, the woman who engineered the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014.

This is the congressional testimony she gave Tuesday, admitting that the United States and Ukraine were working on bio weapons — which are illegal under countless treaties.

The Russians aren’t lying about what the United States and Ukraine were up to insofar as biological weapons.

Russia FM Lavrov:

“We have information that US built two biological warfare labs in Kiev & Odessa.

They have developed pathogens in those labs in Ukraine️.”

Cue Alex Jones Voice : we have the documents!

It turns out that the United States has been conducting bioweapons research in countries like Georgia and Ukraine, which fall outside the scope of legal prohibitions on conducting such research.

It’s all true—the Americans were figuring out a way to hit their enemies with biological weapons. And they were doing it in corrupt countries where they could get away with it.

And now they are blaming the Russians, who are the ones bringing this to light.




Chris Black
Chris Black
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