Mark Zuckerberg opens his first physical retail space with his company Meta


Meta Platforms, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, will be opening its first physical retail store in May to offer its hardware products. Customers will be able to try out what virtual reality can do.

The American company Meta Platforms is about to open its first ever physical store next month. The offer in this store should mainly include virtual reality devices.

The opening is expected to take place on May 9 at the tech company’s Burlingame campus in California. According to Meta Platforms representatives, customers should be able to get a hands-on experience with all hardware products in this store in a fun way with interactive elements.

“Once people experience the technology, they can gain a better appreciation for it. If we did our job right, people should leave and tell their friends, ‘You’ve got to go check out the Meta Store.’”

– Martin Gilliard, Head of Meta Store

Among the products, customers will be able to try out the Portal video gaming device, Ray Ban Stories smart glasses, and the Quest VR virtual reality headset.

The visitors will be tempted to try out a variety of thoroughly entertaining VR games such as Beat Saber, GOLF+, Real VR Fishing, and Supernatural.

The new store is said to be aimed at showing people what can be done with Meta Platforms products, and customers will also be able to get a taste of a future where the metaverse will play a major role.

The metaverse is the dream of Meta Platforms founder Mark Zuckerberg, and in Zuckerberg’s words, the virtual universe is also the next generation of the internet. Generally speaking, the metaverse is a shared virtual platform where people can enter through their devices and where they can move around in different ways within a defined digital environment.

Starting May 9, the store will be open Monday through Friday from 11:00AM to 6:00PM PT.


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