Aviation Tech Entrepreneur Fred Rego’s Advice on Scaling Companies During Difficult Periods

2023 marks another year of uncertainty for the financial markets and technology. Nervous chatter and speculation of what the near future holds could be observed from all corners of the web— long before the clock struck 11:59 PM. Permeation of AI, more tech layoffs,...

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Facebook is shutting down Pinterest-Like App ‘Hobbi’

Hobbi became available in the United States in February this year. The app has only managed to amass 7,000 downloads since then, according to...

Tesla stock ends at new record, tops $1,200

Tesla Inc.’s massive stock rally continued Thursday after the Silicon Valley car maker easily topped sales expectations for the second quarter. Tesla Inc. shares rose...

Affordable Housing in the United States Drops as 2020 Closes

Median home prices of single-family homes and condos in the fourth quarter of 2020 have become less affordable, a fourth-quarter report by ATTOM Data...

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What Bob Iger’s Return Means for Disney’s Future

The Walt Disney Company is undergoing a major leadership shakeup as one of its most formidable executives who paved way for its success in...

Negotiating In An Uncertain Market: Preparation and Planning

By Graham Stimpson, Managing Partner, Global excellence, The Gap Partnership “These are days when many are discouraged. In the 93 years of my life time,...

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Solving Eminent Problems in Freight Transport with SaaS Entrepreneur Gwenaël Malbec

For the majority of entrepreneurs, starting a business feels like the equivalent of jumping straight into the abyss. This is uncharted territory. But for the same individuals that end up sailing ahead further than they expected, major life...

Discovering Virtual Reality’s Training Potential with VRAI Managing Director, Pat O’Connor

When people learn how to fly a plane, engage in combat, or work on sea rigs in stormy conditions, they will often be sent into simulations: a similar environment where they can learn how to do their job...

The Lifecycle from Innovation to Investing with Ahmed Hassan Jamil

ost companies created today are improved variations of an existing idea or platform. What’s extremely difficult to do is reinvent the wheel, create something that’s unheard of, and become successful. A lot of these ideas end up being...

Is Meaningful Networking Dead? Former Creative Director Mascha Moore Turns to Tech for Answers

It’s 9:00 AM and you receive a ping from your LinkedIn mailbox. What do you see? For the majority of us users, it’s about five or so, automatically generated robot messages from your recent new “connections”. It’s 2022 and humans...

Avoid the Quiet Quitting Phenomenon with OKR Software Founder and CEO, Pete Wilkinson

A peculiar trend has been circulating and permeating some of the largest workforces in the country. This trend has come to the attention of some of the most influential billionaire CEOs, including the likes of Elon Musk and...

War-Torn Ukraine/Russia Increases Demand for Power Generators

Before Crimea, many countries relied on Russian gas to power their homes and businesses. But since Russia has cut off much of their supply, it's left these nations scrambling to find an alternative.  However, as natural gas becomes more...


Binance abandons FTX rescue mission

Just 24 hours after announcing a tentative agreement, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has withdrawn from a plan to buy rival digital currency business FTX,...

Tackling the Debt Crisis with Founder of hyve, Royi Markowitz

Student debt is one of the largest financial catastrophes of the 21st century. According to statistics, a student graduating in 2022 will take an...
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COVID-19 Global Statistics

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10 Exciting Startups Take Centerstage in the Hyundai-Kia ZERO1NE Pavillon at CES 2023

Pioneering startups that have slowly made their mark in various industries will be the highlight of Hyundai and Kia’s ZERO1NE Creative Talent Platform pavilion...

Creating a Culture of Failure with Serial Entrepreneur & AI Investor Paul Claxton

How did spending a decade in one of the strictest military regimes in the world help a young man in his subsequent startup career? The...

Is your inbox overflowing with unwanted e-mails? Gated CMO Melissa Moody talks about taking back our attention and quieting the digital noise

Mailboxes are often overwhelming nowadays, with messages coming in from every corner of the internet to vie for your attention. While sending out millions...

Acclaimed Public Speaker and Coach, Bernadine Jayasinghe Shares Her Keys to Happiness and Success at Work

The post-COVID era ushered in a new wave of thoughts and values surrounding work; both the meaning and the impact work has on our lives. As a result of mass layoffs and lockdowns, many Millennials were given a generous period of time to introspect;...

Monaco property for sale versus stock market investment

Two of the most popular investments for those seeking a sound return on their capital are often stocks and shares or real estate. But...

Can I Sell My House If I’m Behind on Payments in Colorado?

In real estate, and especially for homeowners, there's another "F" word that's offensive. That word is "FORECLOSURE." With the current state of the economy...

Mohamed Mezian on New Risk Factors for Home Buyers with Signature Climate-Risk Detection Solution, Augurisk

Buying a first home for many is probably one of the most exciting events—as well as the largest investments. When buying a home, many will...