Other than San Francisco Consulate, Chinese nationals had previous records of giving false information on their Visa application when it comes to their affiliation with the military of their country. The case was highlighted and quickly responded because of the previously reported cases.

This time a female biologist researcher named Tang Juan was found lying about their connection with the military. She is a scholar at the University of California, Davis. She claimed on her vise that she had never been in the military. Contrary to her statement, after FBI investigation, she found to have been working in the Air Force Military Medical University (AFMMU). This institute has an alternative name Fourth Military Medical University.

Later on, Tang Juan denied any affiliation with the Chinese military and said that she had no idea of the criticality of having a badge on her uniform, and wearing the military uniform was necessary for the attendance at FMMU when asked by the FBI.

Having found these false claims by the biologist, a search warrant was issued straightaway at Tang’s home and found additional evidence of Tang’s PLA affiliation.

There they found the shocking case of an army biologist stealing the data from American institutions at the direction of military superiors in China, the bureau added. The court file had many other similar proofs of Chinese scientists sharing information with the army and stating false statements on Visa application.

The US Government immediately gave instructions to China for the closure of the San Francisco Consulate. Beijing perceived this event as the leading cause of instability between the world’s most powerful economies vis China and the US. Beijing condemns this strict order to close the consulate and said that it is “outrageous”. They also appealed to cancel the order as soon as possible to the US Government.

US and China have a history of fighting and clashes not only over the coronavirus pandemic but also over human rights, international trade, and Hong Kong.

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