Twitter said it is not going to recommend tweets and URLs related to QAnon. QAnon is a conspiracy theory whose followers support US President Donald Trump.

The QAnon conspiracy theory has already been discussed and talked about on social media platforms but it has recently started impacting badly in the real world. Twitter hopes to decrease the “Offline Harm” by taking these sweeping measures.

Twitter also warns about looking into its policies or twitter rules while sharing content related to QAnon. Otherwise, your account might get banned permanently.

Will my account be banned if I tweet about QAnon conspiracy theory?

It depends upon the type of content you are sharing. Twitter has announced that only those accounts will be suspended that are

  1. Engaged in violations of our multi-account policy
  2. Coordinating abuse around individual victims
  3. Attempting to evade a previous suspension

According to Twitter, it is highly likely that more than 150,000 accounts worldwide will be impacted by these measures. It has already removed 7000 accounts linked to QAnon Conspiracy theory.

What is QAnon?

in October 2017, The theory started with a post on the mysterious imageboard 4chan by somebody utilizing the name Q, who was apparently an American individual initially, yet most likely later turned into a gathering of people, professing to approach classified data including the Trump organization and its rivals in the United States.

Anon refers to any anonymous or pseudonymous poster on the internet, Hence the name QAnon.

The conspiracy theory mainly spreads by supporters of President Trump under the names The Storm and The Great Awakening. QAnon disciples usually tag their social media posts with the hashtag #WWG1WGA, representing the slogan “Where We Go One, We Go All”.

In the past, Q has also involved in falsely accusing many liberal Hollywood actors, Democratic politicians, and eminent spokespersons of being members of an international child sex trafficking ring.

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