In his interview with CNBC, Bill Gates criticized the coronavirus testing system because the results of the tests are received too late to draw a conclusion from them and make a suitable strategy.

Timely results are crucial for the Government to make new decisions about closing the specific area. If the results of the Coronavirus tests are late, there is no way to judge the spread of the COVID-19. Thus, no strategy will be useful to prevent the spread of the virus. This is the reason Bill Gates called the testing system in the US a “complete waste”.

According to Gates, the minimum turnaround time of the tests to come back should 24h. He added that if the results were later than 24h and reached the institute or the potential patient with 48h, you had not to ask the person to pay for the test. He also called this “Insane”

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The US has been very slow to integrate the coronavirus testing nationwide at the beginning of the pandemic. This has troubled the country’s ability to slow down the spread of the virus, experts say.

The assistant secretary at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Adm. Brett Giroir, also approved the notion and agreed with Gates saying that the testing system in the US needs a lot of improvements. He also advised improving the ecosystem to slow down the coronavirus spread.

Quest and LabCorp are the only legitimate institutes that are allowed for pool COVID-19 testing. This has improved the efficiency of testing. Now the efficacy has increased 3 times as 733,243 tests administered on July 28 by the US.

Bill Gates is worried about people’s health and he somehow has the right to slam the coronavirus testing system because his foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has donated hundreds of millions of dollars for research on Covid-19.

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