Top coronavirus vaccines developed by different companies are secured for UK residents, healthcare workers, and doctors by the UK Government.

The vaccine development process usually takes approximately 10 years from research to clinical trials to commercially available to the public. In case of coronavirus, the vaccines are being developed at an extraordinary scale. More than 20 vaccines of COVID-19 are under clinical trial even though it has been only 7 months since the outbreak.

However, Kate Bingham, the chair of the government’s Vaccine Taskforce, proscribed the public and the UK Government not to be excessively expectant for the availability of coronavirus vaccine for the public. He said, “The fact that we have so many promising candidates already shows the unprecedented pace at which we are moving.” He added:

“But I urge against being complacent or over-optimistic,”

He also elaborated that there are three possibilities:

  • We may never get a top coronavirus vaccine.
  • If we succeed to develop one, that vaccine would not prevent us from getting coronavirus.
  • Rather, it would be the vaccine that alleviates the COVID-19 symptoms.

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UK Secured Top Coronavirus Vaccines

Despite all the low possibility of developing a functional coronavirus vaccine, the UK Government has secured three different types of vaccine for its residents.

  1. 100 million doses from Oxford in which genetically modified virus is injected.
  2. 30 million doses from BioNtech/Pfizer in which a part of the virus is injected
  3. 60 million doses from Valneva of the vaccine in which inactive version of the coronavirus is injected

Developing a vaccine against the coronavirus is the ultimate chance to fight COVID-19. Using different approaches as above also increases the chance of developing functional coronavirus vaccine as if one approach fails to succeed, the other one might prove effective.

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