New Wave of COVID-19 is COMING


Did you think the deadliest global pandemic in the known history of the universe was over?

Think again.

The Ukraine thing was only a distraction.

And as soon as the war will be over, the Covid narrative will come back in full force.

This is not only Yahoo news, but all mainstream media outlets.

China is already locking down cities like Shanghai.

Apparently, the powers that be are already bored by the #standwithukraine memes.

The Great Reset must continue, so they are preparing us for the next Covid wave, to steer us into paranoia again, as soon as the Ukraine war is finished. They know that virus hysteria propagated via legacy media works perfectly, and they’ll bring it back in 24 hours flat as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

The only thing that stopped it was Putin invading the Ukraine, as people were basically forced to focus on the Ukraine by the non-stop mass media barrage of information.

This is a well-studied psychological phenomenon of emotionally exhausting people by switching them back and forth between these most-important ever “current thing” moral panics, or, to put it another way, this is the  whole “mass formation psychosis” thing.

Chris Black
Chris Black
"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations."