The 8 Best Jobs of the Future (Guide)


If you are like most people, you want a job that is both lucrative and sustainable. In other words, you want a job that pays well and is going to last well into the future – not suddenly get crushed due to a failing industry. 

Here is the great news: there are lots of exciting future-proof jobs that you can start. This way, you can focus on building a prosperous career path while ensuring financial success. In total, this complete guide is going to run through the eight best jobs for the future. As soon as you are ready, we can dive into the details. 

1. Business Analyst 

Coming in at number one is something you have probably heard of before: a business analyst. 

What is a Business Analyst? 

A business analyst is someone who works within a company to help them manage and plan its operations. 

Essentially, a business analyst is the key to achieving company goals, both in the short and long term. 

Can Anyone Start a Career in Business Analytics?

Yes – people from all backgrounds can start a career in business analytics

Before anything else, the key is to get a university education. Nowadays, there are plenty of business analytics programs to choose from across a variety of universities and colleges. Providing you meet the criteria; you will be able to enroll and start your journey. If you decide to become a business analyst, you can expect a highly fulfilling career. Not to mention, the pay is good, too, with a US average salary of $82,158 a year, according to Indeed. So, if you are a money-motivated individual with a passion for business and helping companies grow, this is definitely the career path to follow. Also, do not forget that the number of businesses around the world is growing each year, which means the demand for business analysts is never going to slow down. 

2. Cloud Engineer

Over the past decade, people and companies have transitioned into the world of cloud computing. In very simple terms, cloud computing is when you store and access programs over the internet rather than your computer’s hard drive (back in the 90s, people were reliant on their hard drives to do this). For example, you probably use Facebook Messenger and Gmail, right? These are platforms that both work through ‘the cloud’. 

In addition to this, businesses are using cloud apps every day – such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive – to store and share files. Effectively, almost everything in the world of technology is now reliant on the cloud – and this reliance is only going to grow moving into the future. This is why it is an excellent idea to become a cloud engineer!

The Demand for Cloud Engineers

Right now, there is a huge demand for cloud engineers. It is because of this demand by hundreds of thousands of people – both young and old – are studying cloud computing at university while also pursuing online certificates and training courses. If you are passionate about software and tech, then becoming a cloud engineer could be the perfect career choice for you. 

3. Professional Gamer (eSports)

10 years ago, the concept of being a ‘professional gamer’ was completely alien to most people. Now, though, this has all changed. 

Since the late 2010s, the eSports industry has exploded in popularity. For those who do not know, eSports are professional gaming tournaments and events where people compete for real money (as well as other prizes). 

Thanks to eSports, it is possible for individuals to make a living from playing video games. However, in order to do this, you must be good at your chosen genre, whether it is sports games or first-person shooters. 

Throughout the remainder of the 2020s, more and more people will become professional gamers, which is incredibly exciting. 

It is also possible to make a living by streaming gaming content online, such as through YouTube and Twitch. 

With this in mind, if you enjoy gaming and being creative, you might want to try being a pro gamer and content creator. 

4. Nurse

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started back in 2020, nurses finally got the spotlight they deserved, as people began to realize how important they are to public and private healthcare. Since then, the demand for nursing has gone up, which has led to more people applying for nursing degrees and courses. 

Due to the nature of public health, the demand for nurses is likely never going to stop, which makes it a safe career option to take. Not only that, but nursing generally pays well, too – and there is also the option to choose your own hours with most hospitals. 

If you want to become a nurse, the best place to start is by applying for a degree in nursing. From there, you can gain access to all the knowledge and resources you need. Plus, most universities send their student nurses out into work placements while studying. This way, they are prepared for nursing roles once they have graduated. 

5. Personal Trainer 

In today’s world, more people than ever are conscious of their health and wellbeing. As a result, the demand for personal trainers has never been higher. 

Personal trainers get to experience a lot of flexibility with their careers. They can choose to work in gyms and private fitness studios or even start their own businesses by going the self-employed route. Usually, this involves traveling to see clients in their homes and providing them with personalized fitness plans, which they can then train them to follow. Being a personal trainer can be physically demanding, but it is an excellent career for men and women who already have an existing passion for fitness and health. 

6. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are experts who specialize in all things medicine. When you go to a pharmacy, they are the people behind the counter who advise you on what to do while also supplying you with the medication you have been prescribed. In the US and Europe, there is an ongoing demand for pharmacies. This is due to the fact that millions of people are reliant on healthcare advice and medications. So, by being a pharmacist, you can help people on a daily basis while having a positive impact on the surrounding community. 

How Can I Become a Pharmacist? 

To become a pharmacist, you will have to complete a university degree (Master of Pharmacy) and a training course in pharmacy. Providing you have the grades to do so, it is worth checking out the different universities that offer pharmacy degrees. Although it is a lot of work (most pharmacy degrees take 5 years to complete), you will be rewarded with an excellent career at the end of it all! 

7. Online Teacher 

Over recent years, online teaching (eLearning) has become very important. Of course, this is primarily because of the recent global pandemic. However, advancements in technology have also meant that it is much easier to teach classes and students from remote locations. 

Moving forward, the demand for online teachers is going to continue growing. This is going to be the case in all major continents, from Europe to Asia. 

In particular, there is a huge demand for online teaching from Asian nations. This is because schools and private education institutions want native English speakers to teach their students remotely via video camera, which is easily possible, providing they have good internet. Plus, to teach English online, you do not necessarily need to have a degree. Instead, most institutions expect you to have a TESOL certificate, which you can get online. 

8. Lawyer 

Finally, there is being a lawyer. 

By 2026, the employment of lawyers is projected to grow by 8.2% – which is huge. Being a lawyer is not just a safe profession – it is also an incredibly lucrative one. There’s strong earning potential within the industry, even for beginner and trainee lawyers. Then, as you progress through your career, it is possible to climb higher up the pay ladder. Also, being a lawyer affords individuals a lot of flexibility, as it is common to choose and work around your own schedule. 

Although it is possible to become a lawyer without a formal education, the vast majority of lawyers begin their journeys by earning a degree in law. From there, they go on to practical experience before becoming fully qualified. This then opens the opportunity to start your own law firm or work for an already established company. Essentially, the freedom is there to do what you like! 


After reading this guide, you now know about the eight best professions to enter moving into the future. 

From being a business analyst to entering the world of nursing, there are lots of exciting opportunities out there for you to pursue – no matter where you are from or what age you are. 

Remember to think carefully about your career decision before going ahead. If you are already an established professional in another industry, do not let this stop you from trying something new – in the age of technology and educational freedom, it is more than possible to do this. 

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