Amazon Care, the virtual health care service of Amazon will expand its businesses to serve more enterprises, according to the latest news.

The online medical clinic has been providing services to the employees before, the report claimed. But a recent post by Amazon shows that it will hire business developers for the Amazon Care project very soon.

The expansion will include a growing relationship with commercial and public sector enterprises. Furthermore, experts are expecting that Amazon might go beyond the internal employee circle to a broader market for the online telemedicine sector.

Amazon Care is Expecting to Boost Up the Online Medical Care Services
The U.S telemedicine market might reach $17 billion by 2026;

Previously, the company management used a similar method to research products on the internal employees and then move into the actual marketplace.

According to the CNBC reporters, the health care unit is already working on the Washington area to expand business opportunities.

How Amazon Care Unit Evolved

The health care unit was launched in 2019 as a pilot program. The program included a virtual medical clinic for the employees working in Amazon.

Employees can easily access better quality online health care or appoint a home visit in limited areas. In the opinion of the experts, Amazon already acquired PillPack in 2018 to move into the medical sector.

The goal of the acquisition is to offer medicine home deliveries, telemedicine services using voice applications, and pharmacy services. A health and fitness tracking device has been launched in August to supplement the overall effort.

Since the telemedicine industry is booming after the spread of the Coronavirus it is quite understandable that the e-commerce giant wants to exploit the opportunity.

Some researchers are saying that the U.S telemedicine market might reach a size of $17 billion by 2026. A report from Polaris Market Research shows that the market size was approximately 6 billion in 2019.

After the recent pandemic more and more patients are engaging with doctors virtually. Moreover, the federal government has been allowing doctors to take online payments to reduce the spread of the virus.

However, reporters failed to get any comments from the company.

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