A Doctor That Thinks Masks Prevent Infections Should Not Be Allowed to Be a Doctor


Do you remember the “safe and effective” mantra regarding masks and covid vaccines? Do you remember Fauci and various other so-called medical professionals appearing on TV and pushing for mask mandates? Not only in the US, but all over the world?

Wearing a mask is a form of submission to the system, and has nothing to do with public health. It’s trauma-based propaganda.

And now we have this, 2 years into world’s deadliest pandemic:

I’ve pulled out the package for a mask and told Karens to read it. They read the lines, “Not a medical grade face covering. Will not protect from bacteria, virus, and other harmful pathogens.”

They still say masks work because they work. It is impossible for them to admit they have no clue.

An ER doctor that thinks masks prevent infections should not be allowed to be an ER doctor.

Not when the packaging and inserts on all paper masks, including the ones they wear as surgeons explicitly state that they do not.

You can read multiple studies that show wearing masks during surgery had no effect on hospital acquired infections. The only reason a surgeon wears a mask is to create a barrier to stop any spurt of blood or other body fluid from entering the surgeon’s mouth or nose. If there is bacteria in the air in the OR, it is getting in your open cavity regardless of the doctors wearing masks.

This was all known prior to the imbecilic mandates, but the mandates came anyway.

All to make it seem like people were doing something and to stoke fear. The updated death rate for the supposed new Omicron sub-variant is .0002%, that if you even show any symptoms, which over 90% of people who test positive do not.

So maybe there is just something wrong with the test.



Chris Black
Chris Black
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