Balancing the Scale through Venture Investing with Dhiren Chatlani

When the average consumer thinks about finance and technology, what often comes to mind is an image of streaming cash flows. Isn’t that every venture capitalist’s and entrepreneur’s dream? What people often don’t see between the crevasses of venture investing, is a long game of...

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German automaker Daimler announces layoffs: additional 10,000 job cuts

Daimler aims to outsource information technology services and cut positions in research and development. Daimler AG’s Chief Executive Officer Ola Kaellenius plans a new...

Facebook is shutting down Pinterest-Like App ‘Hobbi’

Hobbi became available in the United States in February this year. The app has only managed to amass 7,000 downloads since then, according to...

Tesla stock ends at new record, tops $1,200

Tesla Inc.’s massive stock rally continued Thursday after the Silicon Valley car maker easily topped sales expectations for the second quarter. Tesla Inc. shares rose...

Affordable Housing in the United States Drops as 2020 Closes

Median home prices of single-family homes and condos in the fourth quarter of 2020 have become less affordable, a fourth-quarter report by ATTOM Data...

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The Most Effective Ways You Can Make Sure Your Employees Feel Valued

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of business owners tend to make is that they don’t make their employees feel valued...

What are Controllable Expenses in a Restaurant?

Are you wondering what controllable expenses are in a restaurant? Well, controllable costs are expenses that can easily be influenced or adjusted by someone....

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Say Goodbye to Back Pain with this Posture Correcting App: Zen CEO Daniel James on the Power (and Privacy) of Health Tech

Good posture helps you breathe, keeps you alert, and protects your spine. But sitting all day in an office job can wreak havoc on your alignment, causing long-lasting back pain and ailment. Founded in 2020 in California, Zen is a...

Five Steps The Maritime Sector Can Take Towards Sustainability

It goes without saying that the green revolution is here, and with both big and small businesses hopping on board, there has never been a better moment to make the change. Traditionally, the environmental performance of ships and vessels...

PARADE of Companies to Protect our Skies

Thales and CS GROUP are bringing together firms from the French and European Industrial and Technological Defense Base (BITD) to establish a modular deployable Anti-Drone Protection solution to assure persistent safeguarding of vital assets to be known as...

Creating a Healthier Ecosystem for Canadian Tech Innovation with Maxim Atanassov

The burgeoning Canadian startup scene has seen an acceleration over the last decade. However, it still pales in comparison to its next-door neighbor; Canadian businesses often lack the extra push to get their businesses to scale at the...

Beauty Entrepreneur D’Andra Montaque on the Harsh Reality of Fundraising for Women of Color in Tech

There’s been a systemic shift in consumer behavior favored towards the online experience. Whether it’s a new dress for a workplace gathering or new computer parts, nearly anything can be bought within a few clicks. In a modern,...

Making the Frog Leap to Smart Cities: Jochem Verheul Helps Companies Establish Smart Mobility Networks in Asia and Europe

It’s hard to fathom that a mere 100 years ago, transportation was not universal. Fast forward to 2022, innovation has transported us from an era of horse-drawn carriages to supercars that run up to 300 kilometers an hour. Because...


From Scaling Successful Food Ventures to Innovating on the Crypto Fitness Scene: John Keh’s Unconventional Journey to Creating Impakt

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum became more mainstream, smaller subsets of communities are innovating at a breakneck pace. Crypto is just a small...

Is Mastercard Ditching the Card? Payments Giant Wants You To Wave and Smile To Pay

Mastercard Inc. has started to make payments quicker than ever as you will no longer have to take your phone out, tap or swipe...
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Improving Your Sales Performance As a Startup

New startups are emerging every day in this world of e-commerce and digitalization. This is the decade of The Great Resignation, and entrepreneurship is...

How to Attract Investors in an Emerging Market – Marc Wilson on Advising Sports Tech Startups for Success

Emerging technology in sports has garnered more attention over recent years. Given the closure of sports stadiums, major sports leagues were forced to pivot...

Virtual Change Rooms for Online Shoppers: ZILIO Co-founder Anthony Kwok on the Future of Fashion eCommerce

Shopping for clothes online has become a staple for many. Gone are the days of taking a trip to the mall and spending hours...

CreativeHub Founder Irosha de Silva Discusses the Interplay Between Martech and Web 3.0

With all things Web 3.0 en route, more companies are catching on the wave and learning how they can too, remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. For an online retailer for example, having an elegant and navigation-friendly website is the minimum. Nowadays, it’s just...

Monaco property for sale versus stock market investment

Two of the most popular investments for those seeking a sound return on their capital are often stocks and shares or real estate. But...

Can I Sell My House If I’m Behind on Payments in Colorado?

In real estate, and especially for homeowners, there's another "F" word that's offensive. That word is "FORECLOSURE." With the current state of the economy...

Common Town Planning Terminology Explained

For the layman person, town planning terminology can sometimes be unfamiliar and overwhelming. To help you familiarise yourself with the plethora of complex town...